Formed to provide in good faith assistance to those families in need. The foundation lies on love, compassion, and paying it forward.

Extending Hands

Our founder


To bring hope to single parent families and children within the community. To love and bring comfort during times of tribulation. 



No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard.  Traveling the community to help those in need.

I formed Extending Hands as a single mother full of love and compassion for helping others. I recognized the struggle of meeting the needs of my family, compelling me to organize a foundation as a way of reciprocity.

Live, Love, Dream

Sara Elahi

Governing Members

As a single mother at the age of 16 I was very fortunate to have a loving and supportive family. During times of uncertainty they were my strength. They always encouraged my son and I that anything we set our mind to we could accomplish. I always had compassion for those that did not have the support I had.  Extending Hands gives me the opportunity to pass on the love and help we received over the years. 

Nicole J. Lloyd

A lifetime commitment to family and child enrichment has inspired me to join the cause.  I grew up in a large family outside of Philadelphia and was blessed to be surrounded by ​​so much love!  As I have begun to raise my own family, I have seen many single-parent friends struggle financially, emotionally, and in some cases, physically.  No human being should feel alone. My hope is to make a difference in the community by encouraging others to share in the blessings God has provided and help those who battle to care for their children every day.   I have two children, aged 3 and 6, and in my professional life I am employed at an educational publisher.  Please take the time to contact us with any questions or to join us in the cause!

Jennifer A. Steele